Surly CrossCheck 52

I just reviewed the Foundry Riveter. Foundry and Surly are both brands owned by QBP – Quality Bike Products – and are typically only known inside circles of avid riders.

The Surly is one of my favorite brands. Their steel models are well-built and designed to last and are some of the only well-built ones able to buy from online.

The Crosscheck is one of their long-running models. Technically, it is billed as a cyclocross bike. However, cyclocross bikes are notorious for their flexibility.

This is a bike that you can tour with (thanks to the front and rear fender mounts), commute with, cyclocross with and even take on your evening club rides.

The tubing is Chromoly steel. Frankly, steel is a little heavy for a true cyclocross bike. You want a machine that is easy to lift over the barriers and to carry during competition. Steel isn’t my first choice for that.

But for people who want to purchase a bicycle that could be the last one they ever buy, I feel the Cross Check could be that bike. The steel is so durable, and I’ve seen these bikes last for a decade.

Its longevity combined with its versatility makes this an ideal lifetime bicycle.

Most of these bikes were either built with a custom kit or with a combination of Shimano Tiagra and Deore parts. This latter kit became very popular, and you started seeing more of these than you did custom kits.

The hubs are Shimano Deore are some of the most hardcore hubs on the market, and are an excellent choice for the rider who wants durability.

If I could summarize the Crosscheck in a few words, they would be: versatile, durable and comfortable.

There is a reason why this bicycle sells out every year.