Reviewing The Foundry Cycles Riveter

The Riveter hasn’t been produced for awhile. However, you can still find them for sale and for the shopper looking to purchase a used one, it is handy to have a buying guide.

Foundry Cycles are one of Quality Bike Products brands  Just like Surly and Salsa, these bikes are produced specifically for bike shops to resell. Typically they lack flashy frame designs, but they tend to have more style to them. What I mean by that is that they are less likely to have marketing hype over a new type of carbon or some new mixture of steel.

Instead, they focus on creating a bicycle that often possesses the styling of high-end classic machines. Utilizing updated versions of these classic styles helps them deliver the best value with tried and true construction.

The specifications of your Riveter may vary some depending on what year it was bought. Typically, they have some similarities, but there will be some variation simply because Shimano was going through some changes during the model years this was produced.

The Riveter was designed as a racing road bike. The snappy frame geometry was perfect for sprints and cornering making it a favorite of aggressive club riders.

It does have disc brakes, which could keep it out of some races but you should be able to swap out the wheels and brakes to a standard caliper build if that is an issue.

The thru axle fork is a major defining feature of this model. These wheels are typically only offered on bicycles that do gravel or off-road riding. The larger axle is stronger and stiffer than the standard quick release wheels.

This translates into handling. With a stiffer front axle, you can corner faster and more aggressively without losing as much speed. The confidence that the thru-axle offers, combined with how well the DT Swiss 350 hubs spin, gives you the advantage on club rides and local races.

For a carbon fiber frame with Sram Red and Shimano 105 components, you’d be hard pressed to find a better bike. If you can get your hands on a Riveter, you’ll have a bicycle that performs better than your buddies’ bikes, but without some of the unnecessary costs.