Saturday, February 18, 2012

Team Social Pace @ Sea Otter - It's Official

Well, a few of us in the rag-tag group of Team Social Pace is officially "in" the XC race for the Sea Otter taking place in Monterey, April 19th-22nd. So far, it is me (Cat3, 35-39 mens), Ken a.k.a. Froride1 (Cat3, Clydesdale), Brett a.k.a. Leopold Porkstacker (Cat2, 40-42), and Robert a.k.a. Nelson34 (Cat3, 43-45).

With hopes of selling more UGLY! Pads and selling off some extra parts I have, I've rebuilt and upgraded my XC bike to race trim. I will be sporting a red set of Sun Ringle Equalizer Wheels, a new Suntour Epicon 100mm Fork and a FSA Alpha Double 36/24 Crankset. My bike will be relatively heavy for a XC bike (I predict 26.5lbs), but for me, on a budget, that's what I will have to live with.

I'm still sticking with an 8 sp. in back, since it's what I have and really not in the position to be upgrading my drive train at the moment.

This will be my first MTB race, so it will be interesting to see how hard this will be in comparison to cyclocross racing.


  1. Dion, think of it as a 2 hour CX race. Last year I averaged only 10 B.P.M. less than I do in a CX race. Keep in mind the average CX race lasts about 40 min. It took me 2 hours to complete the XC course.

    1. Thanks Kjeld! Looks like Cat2 is six miles longer than Cat3, so I can hope for middle of the road or middle of the back. We're going to ride the course on March 17th, if you're interested.

    2. I would be down for the pre-ride but I'll be traveling :( Have a great ride. See you at the races.