Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Superbowl Sunday Mt. Hamilton Ride

I did this ride last year on my Surly Pacer and had a decent time, albeit very, very slow. I did it again, this time with a serious handicap - I took the "UNBRANDED". This year was another time in a last place finish, although I had three guys to do it with me: Leopold Porkstacker, Nelson34 and SparkyJay from

What got me to take the UNBRANDED was that Porkstacker (Brett) was going to take his fat bike, and so I thought it'd be supportive to take mine. By time it was all loaded up, my bike definitely weighed over 40lbs which was a serious heavy haul. It wasn't bad in the beginning, but near the end, my stomach started to growl and a slight bonking was in the works. I think the Surly would've prevailed - but I'll save that for next year. My guess I probably will get up a little faster - but that wasn't really the goal for this ride.

All in all, I had fun with our little social pace group. My favorite quote was from Robert (nelson34) when he said "My whole body is a cramp..."

I also learned that the "UNBRANDED" was a fine bike for getting up, but it was just very slow. I think this bike will do fine for rides that don't require a steady 20 mile climb, but my big road rides for this year will probably be on the Surly Pacer. The WTB Pure-V saddle started to get uncomfortable near the top, and eventually painful on my sit bones.

Good times and thanks to all for providing refreshments afterwards. Next year I'm not going to be such a freeloader and bring something. This ride, like Turkey Day, seems to be getting bigger every year!

Gathering of the riders - Francis Cebedo giving some pre-ride advice

A couple of hours later, here are the three hombres: (L to R) SparkyJay, Nelson34, Leopold Porkstacker

The beer table...

I ended up having one afterwards. Delicious!