Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 10th Santa Teresa County Park Ride

I guess, in my excitement of getting my new Mercier Nano, I totally forgot my ride report of this weekend's festivities. Local boys, Leopold Porkstacker (Brett), Big Larry (Larry), and I decided to host yet another ride. We had nearly a dozen riders show up and had a great time. Due to my time constraints (Almaden Day, an annual local festival, was happening), I took the cyclocross bike in the event I needed to jet out of there. Some of the highlights (and one crash) are as follows:

1. Brett is the King of the Flats. Not as in "flat ground" but as in "flat tires". On his way to the trails, he rode alongside the creek and picked up, what had to be, 50 goat heads in his tires. I helped him pull everything out, and he made it to the trailhead before realizing it was time to replace the tube.

Brett is a very funny guy and extremely entertaining. He had about a dozen foreign accents he recited while swapping his tube and had us all giggling while we waited. Never a dull moment with that guy - not to forget that he's pretty damn fast on a mountain bike.

2. I initially went with the chill-pace group and one of the riders, Russ, had a spill. His handlebar went right into his rib cage, and after a pause of catching his breath continued on like a champ.

3. When I heard the faster group was attacking the Joice Trail climb (it's ridiculously steep and loose) I thought it would've been a great opportunity to get some pics. It was then I decided to roll with the faster guys and start heading back home.

My B.icycle app showed we did about 1200 ft. of climbing over 17 miles. Not bad for a group ride that spanned the entire park. No rattlesnakes this time!

Here are some pics from the ride:

The next day (Sunday), I decided to ride the cyclocross bike out to Almaden Quicksilver, loop the climb, and come back home. I actually had to work on Sunday, so I left a little early in the day. Riding in the cooler weather made quite a difference: it has been a consistent 80-90 degree weather here in Almaden Valley for awhile and I've been desperately waiting for things to cool down.

I guess the cool weather helped my riding because, not only did I do Almaden Quicksilver, but I also rode out to Santa Teresa County Park and added in the short loop. Ride time was 1:54 with 1930 of elevation gain, covering 22 miles (I swear it feels like more).

With over 3000ft. of climbing and 40 miles of dirt - this boy can't complain!

Here are some pics from the top:

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