Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ooh! I forgot my San Jose Bike Party Ride Report! the title says...

This is the cruiser. I changed up some things on the Utility Bike and made it just for cruising. I am, however, going to convert it to a single speed for simplicity.

What can I say about SJ Bike Party that I haven't said before? I guess we (and I say "we" as in my wife and I) may be getting too old for it or just bored. Probably more bored than anything. I guess if you have the right people to go with or if you're young enough to appreciate being out that late with other young people, it would be great.

I remember being in that "no-man's land" age right after high school and before legal drinking age when my buddies and I, filled with testosterone, would run around town looking for stuff to do. Bike Party is GREAT for people like that. I guess riding for 4-5 hours at 10MPH is not my cup of tea. My wife tells it like this "The idea of going to Bike Party is grander than actually going to Bike Party". Like I said, I think it's great for others and thousands of folks enjoy it - but I think I'm going to hold off for awhile.

I really do appreciate all the hard work that goes into SJ Bike Party and some of the creations some people bring are pretty cool. Some dude brought out this one-wheeled bike that reminded me of the one-wheeled thing on South Park.

Here are some other pics that I snapped during the 27 mile ride.

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  1. Too funny. I was buy that guy for a while and kept thinking about south park