Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Instagram on my iPhone

Hello interweberz... haven't done much posting lately as a computer upgrade has occurred in the RidesBikes household. I am now a proud owner of a new iMac, and I am completely stoked on it. As the years went by, my PC started to really take a major dump. And in its last days I had SpyBot, BitDefender and Norton Utilities trying to eliminate all the crap and nothing worked.

So, here I am, happily sharing this via my new iMac.

Recently, Mrs. RidesBikes turned me onto an iPhone app called "instagram" which I have been sharing my photos on. If you partake in life's little pleasures such as this, please follow me, using "dionridesbikes" under the search function. Here are some of my latest:


  1. Hello my roommate and I read your article about the gary fisher supercaliber. he got one and oddly enough are doing the same thing. anything we should know before we get in to deep? we can not find any of the original specs
    any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hey there... sorry it's taken me so long. :-)

    The Super Caliber is nothing but a regular MTB. The only place you may have issues is the head tube - a regular headset will not work. You will need reducer sleeves made by Problem Solvers. I apologize, but I forget what they are called and the measurements for those, but they will recuse the head tube so that a regular 1 1/8 headset will fit, otherwise it will be too loose. - Dion