Friday, June 3, 2011

Pake C'Mute 1 Year Review

So, it's been officially over one year since I built my Pake C'Mute, and here is an update - not much has changed! My 6 month review can be found here.

The only true change I have done has been the shifter and handlebar: gears are moved with an 8-speed Shimano Alivio and the front is steered with a wider (29") low rise mountain bike handlebar. I still continue to be impressed with the versatility and tire choice I have with this frame, and so far, no cracks or busted welds.

I am considering racing the Surf City Classic Cyclocross series in October, so the training may begin changing as well as a weight loss program. I have toyed with the idea of going 2X8 on this bike, but I really like the simplicity of the 8-speed, so I will probably leave as-is. A 1X set-up is very nice for racing, as well. I may switch to a 36T front chainring, but I have to see how my training goes.

Advise: get a C'Mute if you're in the market for such a bike. Frames are going for $220-$250 which, I believe, is an awesome value.


  1. I was so close to buying one of these before we moved overseas a few years ago. They certainly look like a great buy for the price!

    As you've proven they are nice and versatile - I look forward to see how this one changes in the future!

    I'll be building up a Traitor Crusade SS for my new commuter in the next few months. Can't wait to get back on a bike that actually commutes with gusto!

  2. Hi Dion

    Thanks for the great reviews. It really helps with the decision making, especially when you can't see the frame in the flesh.

    Looks like your frame size is the right fit for me, except perhaps for the toe overlap (size 45 feet). Could you please tell me what the distance is between the pedal axle and the front wheel?

    Many thanks

  3. Hi Jeremy,

    That would be a question for Pake. I don't want to give you an erroneous measurement.

  4. Fair call, will do.


  5. You changed the shifters from Falcon friction shifters to Alivio? Can you say how you found the Falcon shifters in general? Are they reliable? Do they wiggle when you start to move them or are they solid?

  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Falcon friction shifters and they work wonderfully for smooth, carefree shifting. However, for a sped up pace, like for racing, the index is really preferred.

    If my C'Mute was set-up for touring (which it may someday be, far into the future), I wouldn't be opposed to friction shifting, at all.

    You can tighten down the Falcon shifters so they don't ghost shift and they stay put. The ultimate set-up are the Paul Thumbies bar end shifter conversion kit, but for less than $20 a pair for Falcon shifters, you just can't beat them.