Monday, January 3, 2011

Selling Three of my Bikes - One Fixie, One SS Cyclocross and One MTB

Well, for those of you that follow along, you know that I'm not out there destroying bikes - but I'm trying to down size my garage and prioritize a few things in my life. Therefore, three bikes must go! Here they are with pics. If you, or anybody you may know, may be interested in any of these, please hit me up at Please note that I'm in San Jose, Ca. Thanks for looking!

Medium Motobecane Fantom Comp DS Full Suspension MTB

"In an attempt to downsize my garage for 2011, I am selling my Fantom Comp DS with upgraded Sun Ringle Wheels, Forte Carbon Handlebars, and Kenda LUST tubeless tires with Stans Sealant (NO FLATS!). I purchased this bike last year and ridden it only a few times locally. I am very meticulous about my bikes and do not abuse them, crash them, or huck them off anything. It's very new'ish with no dings, scratches, broken parts; it's clean and a great looking bike.

For $650, you're getting a fantastic bike with some great components. I am not interested in haggling over the price, which I think is fair. PEDALS NOT INCLUDED. Thanks for looking!"
54cm Motobecane Fantom Cross Uno - Custom Single Speed Cyclocross

"I am selling my single-speed cyclocross bike in an attempt to downsize my garage. I built this bike custom from the frame up and it's great for the trails and city. Parts include Motobecane Fantom Cross UNO frame and fork, Truvativ Omnium Track Cranks, White Ind. 22T freewheel, On-One Mary handlebars, Continental Cyclocross tires, lock-on grips, etc.

I am very, very meticulous about my builds and I did not rush anything nor oddly fit things onto this bike - it is solid with no weird creaking, rust, or damage (no scratches, dings nor dents).

For a custom build with attention to detail, I believe $500 is fair, so I am FIRM on the price. PEDALS NOT INCLUDED. Thanks for looking."
54cm Motobecane Messenger Fixed Gear/Single Speed

"I built this bike a couple of years ago and it has treated me very well. However, I'm out of room and this, which never gets ridden, is on the chopping block.

Note: I do understand that you can get these from BikesDirect for $299. However, the only thing this bike and those bikes share is the frame, everything else is completely different. For $120 more, you get much better components than what comes stock.

Surly Steamroller fork (NEW), Tektro R70 brakes, Animal BMX pedals (NEW), Oury grips (NEW), Ritchey seatpost and stem, Truvativ Omnium cranks (46X16), White Ind. freewheel with a fixed cog on the flip-flop side, Panaracer Touring tires, etc.

I am VERY, very anal retentive about my bikes, especially when I custom build them - this bike is solid. It has never been crashed and there are no dents, scratches or dings. $420 FIRM - Please, I am not interested in negotiating the price. Thanks for looking!"


  1. Motobecane Fantom Comp DS is SOLD!

  2. Fantom Cross Uno is headed to Philly!