Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Mountain Bike had 250cc's Today - Riding Hollister Hills

Admittedly, I haven't ridden my dirt bike in almost a year. I keep it on a Battery Tender in the garage and in pristine condition - except for the scratches and other battle scars its received from my various past adventures. After selling my Suzuki DRZ400SM, I contemplated on selling this. I realized that the technology on my CRF250X is fantastic, it runs like a champ, and it has plenty of power for the easy-going trail riding I like to do. In other words, I probably can keep this thing for another 5-7 years and it will still be awesome. After all, it is a Honda. Except for the handguards, an engine gaurd, a fender bag and a Stage I jetkit from JD Jetting, it's completely stock.

Oh, and I'm still paying for the damn thing.

Today I decided to take out the machine. My brother is still training for CX racing, so I decided to let him be and I went solo. It took me about 10 miles before the rust started to shake loose. Unless you're a downhill mountain biker, dirt riding is definetely a change of pace. First, you have power. Second, you have tons of suspension and third, it's an interesting dance with traction control.

Most of the trails in Hollister were closed due to the rain we've been having, but I didn't complain. I rode all over the backside and even hit a few black diamond trails that I love so much.

I will always ride dirt bikes. It's just I have to be in the right mindset to haul myself out. I mean, I think it took me longer to unload and clean my bike than the actual riding time I had.

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