Monday, November 15, 2010

Ride the Obnoxious - First Go on the 1991 Gary Fisher SuperCaliber

Today I thought it would be PERFECT to get a ride in on the new-to-me 1991 Gary Fisher SuperCaliber. As I posted previously, I scored this on a trade for my Eastern Traildigger 26". The goal was to revive 1991, punch it in the stomach and have it regurgitate all the nasty bright colors that plagued the nation at that time (seems to be around a lot these days, too). Unfortunately, I had to throw about $300 at this thing to make it work right, but I am super jazzed at the way it turned out and the way it rode.

The upgrades include:

Surly 1X1 for
Aerozine Headset
Problem Solvers 37mm - 34mm reducers (so a regular 1 1/8 threadless headset would work)
Race Face Atlas bar
Hot Pink Oury Grips
Hot Pink brake cable housing
2.35" Schwalbe Big Apple tires
WTB seat
Electric Blue skewers
Crank Bro. pedals (from my garage)
Ritchey Seatpost (from my garage)
Avid rear V-Brake (from my garage)
Colorful odds and ends

I did my normal road loop, which is a 25 mile go-around inflating my Big Apples to only 32psi. I know that sounds CRAZY, but these tires truly work perfect and roll fast at this pressure. They also soak up any bumps and lumps in the road and work on dirt paths very well.

I was incredibly surprised on how well this bike pedalled and I think I have a new favorite urban bike - even more than my Surly Pacer. In fact, the goal is to ride this tank on one of the big social road rides next year just for shits and giggles.

This bike was just fun to ride and it hops curbs and handles the urban wasteland just great. I also think I have a guilty pleasure riding it with the Hot Pink grips.

BTW, I did a LONG trackstand at a light in front of some fixie kids. Little do they know what tricks this old man in lycra has under his sleeve.


  1. this bike is for sale on craigslist. Did you sell it or was it stolen?

    1. I discovered cracks on the frame so I tossed it (well, recycled it actually) and used the parts on a different frame. The guy who I acquired this from kinda ripped me off. :-/

  2. bummer. It seems to be a common problem with this bike. I was wondering if you could know where to find an 88mm bottom bracket for one of these. Also, could you explain the problemsavers...

    1. The BB was already on the bike, so I am not sure. Problem Solvers is a company that makes various "problem solving" parts to solve for compatibility issues. Especially trying to outfit new parts on old frames, etc.

      The headtube was oversized that required a special headset (not your standard 1 /18) - so this company makes reducers so that a standard threadless 1 1/8 will work.