Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Day @ Sportsbasement Bicycle Swap Meet

The wife and I had a great day at yesterday's Bicycle Swap Meet at the Sportsbasement in Sunnyvale. $3 entrance fee for shoppers was donated to the Bicycle Coalition and free food and drink was offered to all.

I was able to walk away with a nice wad of cash in my pocket and about 50lbs. less bicycle parts I had hanging out in my garage. Bargain shoppers were able to walk away with super good deals; I let my Ritchey Pro Logic road bars go for $15 and my Crank Bros. Candy SL Pedals go for $10 - just to name a couple.

Surprisingly, my ON YOUR LEFT! Bells were a hit. I also donated three UGLY! Pads and matching bells to the San Jose Bike Party for their raffle at the next ride. I talked to the SJBP BIRDS, and it looks like things are changing for the better in regards to their organization of future rides. Good job to all!

This was my booth, "I will look through your treasures, gypsy. Is this understood?"


  1. I bought a 22T Surly Cog from you during the swap. Glad I got it for cheap, because I don't think I'll ever install it though! Thanks dude. :)

    PS - great blog!

  2. Thanks Bryan! You never know, though, if you'll need that extra 2 teeth in the back. You can alway dingle-cog with what you have on right now. :)