Saturday, August 21, 2010

San Jose Bike Party - Hot August Lights

Peeps at San Jose City Hall

The Utility Bike with suspcious young latina girl peering.

Critical Party

The Taiko drummers getting people PUMPED.

My lovely wife (today is her birthday)

Robert (Nelson34 on MTBR) and the infamous SJ ROLLING THUNDER!

Home Depot Stop

Last night the wife and I rode the SJ Bike Party. It started downtown and weaved through Sunnyvale and back to San Jose. It was a bit more cluster f*cky than normal - probably because there were SO many people and starting downtown was a definite bottleneck situation. Of course, I was on the trusty utility bike, and my wife was on here awesome Scott hybrid, testing her new Shimano shoes.

It was fun... my friend Guillermo and I threw back a few cold ones at the stops. We just had to cut out a little early so the truck wouldn't be locked in the parking garage downtown. Aside from that, it was some good pedalling.

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