Sunday, July 4, 2010

'Cross ride Report

"I am going to map out cx epic 2 thru Henry Cowell with a intro to Scenic Drive up to UC for Sat" the e-mail I get on 6/29 from my Brother. Of course, I'm all up for going, so when Saturday rolls around, I'm up at the crack of dawn to drive the hill, southbound. That morning was a little fuzzy for me, given that the wife and I have been staying up to the wee hours of the night watching Dexter. Yes, two-wheel fanatics - I am addicted to that show. Anyhow, the route was to go from his house, up to the twin gates via Wilder Ranch, somehow cross over and end up in Felton to the observation deck at Henry Cowell State Park.

I don't know WTF, but I was wiped out yesterday. I don't know if I gassed myself out on the first climb or if the lack of sleep got the best of me, but I was completely bonked - so bad that I even had to walk part of one hill, which I haven't done for a long time. It's okay, though... I pushed through it and did okay.

The one thing I learned yesterday was to put mind over matter and push through. The mind can be a powerful pain killer.

We rode 25mi. and climbed 2,500 feet of pavement and dirt trails. We even had to hike a good mile of sand - which kinda sucked after climbing the very steep "Pipeline" pathway.

We got this trip information from a cool $9.99 iPhone app called B.iCycle which is GPS tracking for your iPhone. Having messed around with these types of things before, I was very skeptical - but after yesterday's experiment, I was extremely impressed. I did buy it for myself and will be tracking my rides. If you get it, be sure you have a fully charged battery!

One final note before I get to the pics - the WTB Pathway tires (set-up ghetto tubeless) were an epic FAIL yesterday. They are fine for out here in SJ, but for the loose and soft of Santa Cruz they did horrible. I let air out to give me more traction, which just lead to more rolling resistance. I think for a pathway/commute bike, they are beautiful, but for anything serious, they were sketch. I felt the front drift at least a dozen times.

Here are some screen shots of the new app and some pics from yesterday.

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