Friday, July 2, 2010

Alien life form found in tubeless set-up

I've been contemplating running a ghetto tubeless set-up on my Pake' for some time and decided to go ahead and try it. I purchased a set of WTB Pathway clinchers (wire bead) and used 26" Stans rim strips. It's been holding up fine, with the exception of a small burp I got yesterday while descending the very rocky Stiles trail at Santa Teresa County Park.

Anyhow, before my ride yesterday, I heard something buzzing in my front tire while spinning. It was like, "zzzzzzz-zzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzz..." and I was thinking WTF? I stopped to see if my brake pad got twisted and was rubbing the tire, but that wasn't the case - so I just continued my ride and had some fun.

This morning I spun the wheel again, and still the same rubbing sound, which appeared to be coming from the inside. Cracking open the bead, I found this alien living in my tire.

I guess my attempt to use "Slime" brand tire sealant was an epic fail. That stuff sucks. Luckily, I had Stans in there to do the job right. I decided to take a picture of the alien next to a 110mm stem so you can see the size of it. Weird!


  1. Wow.. That Slime is pretty messed up. How long had it been in that tire?