Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bike Party Test Ride

While trying everything I can to get the wife back into riding, I've kinda hooked onto this Bike Party thing. I will NOT... and I SWEAR that I WILL NEVER... yell, "BIKE PARTAY!" while riding down the street. LOL! I'm just playing folks - I know you're all just having a good time. :)

That being said, let me give you the ride report.

It wasn't half bad for being a very flat route. I'm so used to hammering all out and giving all I got, riding today, made me, well... tired. I think it was the immense sun and dealing with weaving around other riders and cars. The body count was modest - about 50 peeps or less. At one point, I think I even yawned. Not because I was bored, but because I'm not really used to going that slow. It was enjoyable, though... almost meditative. It was nice to just cruise along - something I don't do much of these days.

The ride started out at Santa Clara University and wove through the city to Saratoga and back. I'm a bit concerned with the small hills that will need to be climbed by the monthly warriors, but hey... the good Lord gave you two legs to walk.

The people all seemed very nice, and best of all, Kelly had a good time, besides the sunburn and semi-heat stroke she had.

Here are the pics:


  1. Dion -
    Thanks for coming from Santa Cruz... we wanted to slow down this ride, but not this much. The traffic lights really broke us up and they were very long. Some of the most "non-smart" lights I've ever encountered. The rides are usually faster at night, especially in the winter when it is colder.

    Funny thing is while it is mostly flat, there is a gradual pitch,about 430ft in elevation difference between SCU and Saratoga according to MMR.

    If you want a great workout, become one of the more active BIRDs. You noticed Yoshi as he often drops to the middle and rear of the ride. Try riding with him next time and you'll get a totally different workout. Tons of sprints. It's more fun and defintely gets the blood pumping when you go from midpack or rear of a 3000 rider night ride.

    Thanks for posting this as well as the pics!

  2. Thanks man! My participation in Bike Party is really to get my wife back into riding. She had a bad accident 1 1/2 years ago and she's never been the same - so these 30 milers are perfect for her to get back into it. If it were just me riding Bike Party, I may consider the BIRD job, but since it's the both of us, it's better we just be happy participants!

    My wife gets discouraged when riding with me, even though I make it a point to slow down a bit and stay clear of any major hills. My daily lunch ride is about 2000 ft. of climbing, so she feels she is being a drag when we ride together (which is absolutely not the case).

    I'm not much of a road rider (I ride CX and MTB mostly) and I reserve my road riding for large organized 100K, 120K, 100 mile rides like the Strawberry Fields Forever, Tour De Cure, Tour of Napa and Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge. Without the large group of people, I am deathly afraid of cars (I was hit by a car two years ago).

    Bike Party was a blessing for my wife, the discouraged rider. In her hey-day she was a fantastic rider with an incredible talent for climbing. Unfortunately, injury has kept her off the bike for some time, and it took going through 3-4 bikes before finding one that felt right for her (after she got rid of her road bike).

    For some, BP may be just hanging out, but for us, it was a fantastic way to get her back in the saddle!

  3. Dion - Fantastic news to hear... definitely hope she's open to join the Ladies Ride too. And please reach out to Yoshi, Ryan and others for the rides outside of SJBP. (I used to use BP for us, but since the BP oil debacle in the gulf I only use SJBP now, lol)