Monday, May 17, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever 2010

100K (+/- 68 miles) Strawberry Fields Forever Ride. Had a great time and it was Jen's first time riding it (Jen is my sis-in-law).

I've learned, when you do a big ride like this, it really is an eye opener of what you are capable of and what you need to work on to make such a trek. Also, it makes you re-evaluate your equipment. When you're pedalling for 5 hours, you need to make sure your bike and gear is fit for such a task. I was well prepared for this ride, and my bike was awesome.

I have to say that a year of consistent riding has changed the playing field for me, but especially the rewards of mountain biking, which made road climbing a piece of cake. When you're not dealing with traction and obstacles on a climb, things are a lot easier.

Anyhow, a have about 3 more of these big rides for the year, but I'll be hitting it everyday between that. :)

Location: Pajaro Valley, Ca.

The Team - Jen (sis-in-law), Grampa Rich, Deric (my bro) and me (behind the camera)

Camel Toes

My 1X10 cyclocross bike RULES. Still muddy; Ritchey SpeedMax's mounted


Top of the hill...

Grampa Rich climbing...

Deric and Jen at the top....

Deric and Jen

Outhouse line at Calfee

Bamboo fixed gear

Bamboo cages.


Next year, Jen. A lot of people have to walk Tustin Rd.


Lunch Break

My bro being rude.

Jen going for the gusto!

Beer and Netflix - finally home.

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  1. Hey Dion,
    googled ride reports for this century ride. Recognized you from calguns.

    I think I'm sigining up looks like a good ride.