Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chillin' Ride with the WifeBot a.k.a. SHE MAKES IT UP!

I'm so proud of my wifebot for making it up a "real" hill today for the first time in a long time. We decided to go local and hit up the Harry Rd. side of Bernal Rd. going up to IBM, which is a couple of miles, a steady 5% and a good 800ft. of elevation. For my wifebot, who sustained a cyclist injury which took her out of the game for awhile, this was quite the accomplishment. Also, her knee is placed strangely outward and any foot retention gives her pain. In addition, her weak wrists keep her from riding anything that is beyond an upright seating position.

We purchased a female-oriented Scott Sportster P5 fitted with wide-platform MTB pedals. And aside from the muscle burn and lactic acid, there is no pain on this set-up for her.

I've always believed she was a strong climber - much stronger than I am... it's just lack of riding kept her from reaching her potential. So today, as tiring as it was for her, we ventured off to the first climb to check off her list. Inspired, I think she'll be able to get up the much steeper Santa Teresa side in a week or so. Originally, I was supposed to ride with the OTC boys down in Santa Cruz, rush back to San Jose and ride with my wife AND make the funeral this evening - there was no way. Until next time web surfers!

The start of the hill.

Almost at the top!

Chillin' at Santa Teresa County Park.

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  1. okay - first I didn't know there was a "back" road to ST park... that's so cool.

    second - excellent job Kelly! I'm happy you're able to be back out there.

    D - nice blog... I guess I'll need to stop by more often.

    <3 you guys! ~Les-dog