Well… I ride quite a bit, but I’m not fast, hardcore or an elite racer… just your average, everyday rider who loves bikes. I can’t give you advice on diet, training, technique or anything else to send you to the top of the podium, but I can write about what I got and what I ride.
I don’t have super high-end stuff, so if you’re in the middle of the road like I am – budget-wise – then maybe I might be able to share some of my experiences with you.

I also love to share ride reports, the occasional race report and shoot iPhone photos (which I post on Instagram under “dionridesbikes”), so I hope you enjoy those, too.

Thanks for browsing my blog!

NOTE: I do not receive free product from any company nor do I get paid by any company for any product I review. Unfortunately, I pay for all the stuff I talk about. So, there are no biases when it comes to my write-ups. I truly hope that I can provide the low-down and dirty skinny on products with true, real-world testing from daily riding. I hope in some way; my ramblings can help you make an informed decision.